Vinyl Lacing Replacement Service

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We hand weave your outdoor furniture with lacing techniques learned from original Brown Jordan factory workers. This process requires skill and dexterity to ensure a long lasting good looking finished product.

Laced furniture requires the piece to be hand wrapped with a continuous strand of vinyl cording. This process takes upwards of two hours and can be a skill that is very hard to master. Our vinyl is is of the highest grade in the industry; contains special UV protective stabilizers that results in lasting use. And when stretched, the vinyl lace will return to its original shape and size. Our vinyl lace is color impregnated, making the color consistent throughout.

Vinyl Lacing

Lace Pricing Guide

Pricing depends on the complexity of the weave and the chosen weave pattern.

Chairs can be woven in the Lido pattern, which is a vertical & horizontal lace pattern. Or in the Tamiami pattern, which is a diagonal pattern shown to the left. The Lido pattern tends to be more time consuming and strenuous.

Please consult with us to get a general estimate for the pricing of re-lacing your patio furniture.

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Available Lace Colors

5/8" Inch Wide, 100% Virgin Vinyl with UV Inhibitors.