Custom Tailored Outdoor Cushions

CFR Patio Custom Outdoor Cushions are a premium quality product. Made with %100 Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric by Sunbrella, They are constructed to last many years in any outdoor setting.

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Custom Outdoor Cushions

Service Oriented, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

CFR Patio offers a professional, service oriented cushion replacement service that can walk you through any questions you may have about our company. Our representatives will be knowledgeable & helpful in helping you construct long lasting outdoor cushions.

We give a 3 year warranty on ALL outdoor cushions that guarantees our cushions will be constructed to hold up in the elements for years on end.


UV Resistant Outdoor Cushions

CFR Patio specializes in creating beautiful custom outdoor cushions that are tailored to fit any piece, perfectly. We guarantee that our cushions will fit to the desired size through a hands-on approach to creating your patio cushions.

All CFR Patio cushions are covered by a three-year warranty that covers any failure in the stitching or fabric. Revive your outdoor living space by bringing new & comfortable outdoor cushions into your yard or patio.

custom outdoor cushion upholstery

Our expert upholsterers ensure quality work.

Quality Workmanship & Top-Tier Materials.

We only use only the highest grade fabrics and stitching, Our fabrics provide the ideal combination of fashion, durability, and weather resistance. All stock fabrics at CFR Patio are %100 solution dyed acrylic fabrics.

Manufactured for performance in withstanding constant sun exposure - You should expect your cushions to last 10 years or more. Our stitching is a bonded polyester that will also hold up in the constant exposure of the elements for 10 years plus.

Residential Patio Cushions

Revive your outdoor living area and inquire with CFR Patio today for pricing to outfit your patio with new, high qualitym outdoor cushions. Hundreds of high quality - UV Resistant fabrics that will last in the sun for years on end.

Commercial Grade Cushions

Feel confident that your outdoor cushion sets will lasta minimum of 10 years, All of our outdoor cushions are made to withstand commercial usage. CFR Patio will come out to your communal living center or business and provide a quote on site.

Highly Customizable & Special Fits

Get your outdoor cushions to fit perfectly to the frames of your furniture. Add on sewing upgrades like quilting, contrasting welts, buttons, cushion ties, and much more. We can re-create any cushion brought into our upholstery workshop.

Fabric Selection

Our fabrics are %100 Sunbrella Acrylic. Thanks to solution dyeing, Sunbrella's colored canvases resist fading and won't wash out. That's because the colors are added to the liquid acrylic mixture, becoming an intricate part of the fiber and ultimately the canvas. The vivid hues are identical on both sides of the fabric, and they stand up to sun, rain, wind, and pollutants that can make other colors fade or run. Plus, Sunbrella is highly soil-resistant.

1A Fabric | Economy Grade

7oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified

2A Fabric | Standard Grade (Solids)

8oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified

3A Fabric | Premium Grade (Textures)

10oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified | 

4A Fabric | Premium Grade (Designer Patterns)

10oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified |