Custom Outdoor Cushions

Our Custom Outdoor Cushions are a premium quality product made in the USA. All cushions are upholstered with UV resistant, 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric from Sunbrella®. Cushions are filled with polyurethane foam & fiber batting that drains water lightning fast.

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Custom Cut, Sewn & Fitted Cushions

Our custom outdoor cushions are all custom built in our shop in Pomona, We can create beautiful outdoor cushions that fit any piece of furniture perfectly. With over 100+ Sunbrella fabrics in our stock, There are many options to choose from.

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Commercial Outdoor Cushions

We specialize in providing easy service for commercial clients looking to complete large cushion projects for outdoor areas. Our representatives can work with your design firm or Home Owners Association to create a beautiful addition to your community. We can also come out to your property for a consultation and project mapping.

Our Process

  • Send photos of your existing cushions to our email or send dimensions of the cushions you'd like made to receive an easy quote from one of our helpful representatives: | Please provide a ZIP code if you are looking for pickup or delivery services.
  • Representative will reply with a written estimate for your outdoor cushions to be made.
  • Schedule a consultation appointment with the approved estimate signed.
  • Our white glove pickup and delivery service will pick up your old cushions to be used as size templates and be able to provide fabric samples if needed.
  • When the work is completed, we will schedule a delivery appointment to deliver to your home or set up your new outdoor cushions for you.

Sunbrella® Fabric Selection

Sunbrella Fabric has been hailed as the best in outdoor cushion fabrics.

100% Solution-dyed acrylic fabric – Each individual Sunbrella fiber is color saturated from the inside out for a rich, fade resistant color that lasts even in extreme conditions. Sunbrella fabrics have an estimated lifespan of 10 years under heavy outdoor use. This is 3 times longer than other outdoor fabrics on the market.


Why Sunbrella®?

Residential Patio Cushions

Revive your outdoor living area and inquire with CFR Patio today for pricing to outfit your patio with new, high quality outdoor cushions. Hundreds of high quality - UV Resistant fabrics that will last in the sun for years on end.

Commercial Grade Cushions

Feel confident that your outdoor cushion sets will last a minimum of 10 years. All of our outdoor cushions are made to withstand commercial usage. CFR Patio will come out to your communal living center or business and provide a quote on site.

Highly Customizable & Special Fits

Get your outdoor cushions to fit perfectly to the frames of your furniture. Add on sewing upgrades like quilting, contrasting welts, buttons, cushion ties, and much more. We can re-create any cushion brought into our upholstery workshop.

Sunbrella® Group 1 Fabrics

7oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified

Canvas Aruba (5416-0000)

Canvas Aruba

Canvas Black (5408-0000)

Canvas Black

Canvas Canvas (5453-0000)

Canvas Canvas

Canvas Capri (5426-0000)

Canvas Capri

Canvas Charcoal (54048-0000)

Canvas Charcoal

Canvas Coal (5489-0000)

Canvas Coal

Canvas Cocoa (5425-0000)

Canvas Cocoa

Canvas Cyan (56105-0000)

Canvas Cyan

Canvas Fern (5487-0000)

Canvas Fern

Canvas Flax (5492-0000)

Canvas Flax

Canvas Forest Green (5446-0000)

Canvas Forest Green

Canvas Glacier (5428-0000)

Canvas Glacier

Canvas Granite (5402-0000)

Canvas Granite

Canvas Heather Beige (5476-0000)

Canvas Heather Beige

Canvas Jockey Red (5403-0000)

Canvas Jockey Red

Canvas Melon (5415-0000)

Canvas Melon

Canvas Mineral Blue (5420-0000)

Canvas Mineral Blue

Canvas Natural (5404-0000)

Canvas Natural

Canvas Navy (5439-0000)

Canvas Navy

Canvas Parrot (5405-0000)

Canvas Parrot

Canvas Regatta (5493-0000)

Canvas Regatta

Canvas Rust (54010-0000)

Canvas Rust

Canvas Spa (5413-0000)

Canvas Spa

Canvas Sunflower Yellow (5457-0000)

Canvas Sunflower Yellow

Canvas Tangerine (5406-0000)

Canvas Tangerine

Canvas Taupe (5461-0000)

Canvas Taupe

Canvas Teak (5488-0000)

Canvas Teak

Canvas Tuscan (5417-0000)

Canvas Tuscan

Canvas White (57003-0000)

Canvas White

Cast Ash (40428-0000)

Cast Ash

Cast Slate (40434-0000)

Cast Slate

Spectrum Carbon

Spectrum Carbon

Spectrum Cherry

Spectrum Cherry

Spectrum Cilantro

Spectrum Cilantro

Spectrum Daffodil

Spectrum Daffodil

Spectrum Denim

Spectrum Denim

Spectrum Dove

Spectrum Dove

Spectrum Eggshell

Spectrum Eggshell

Spectrum Graphite

Spectrum Graphite

Spectrum Grenadine

Spectrum Grenadine

Spectrum Indigo

Spectrum Indigo

Spectrum Mist

Spectrum Mist

Spectrum Peacock

Spectrum Peacock

Spectrum Sand

Spectrum Sand

Sunbrella® Group 2 Fabrics

8oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified

Brannon Redwood (5612-0000)

Brannon Redwood

Bravada Salsa (5601-0000)

Bravada Salsa

Cabana Classic (58030-0000)

Cabana Classic

Dimone Sequoia (8031-0000)

Dimone Sequoia

Dolce Oasis (56001-0000)

Dolce Oasis

Dupione Aloe (8068-0000)

Dupione Aloe

Dupione Celeste (8067-0000)

Dupione Celeste

Dupione Deep Sea (8019-0000)

Dupione Deep Sea

Dupione Latte (8066-0000)

Dupione Latte

Dupione Paradise (8050-0000)

Dupione Paradise

Dupione Peridot (8024-0000)

Dupione Peridot

Dupione Sand (8011-0000)

Dupione Sand

Dupione Walnut (8017-0000)

Dupione Walnut

Dorsett Cherry (56059-0000)

Dorsett Cherry

Gateway Mist (58039-0000)

Gateway Mist

Gavin Mist (56052-0000)

Gavin Mist

Harwood Crimson (5603-0000)

Harwood Crimson

Linen Sesame (8318-0000)

Linen Sesame

Linen Silver (8351-0000)

Linen Silver

Linen Stone (8319-0000)

Linen Stone

Maxim Heather Beige (5674-0000)

Maxim Heather Beige

Milano Char (56079-0000)

Milano Char

Seville Seaside (5608-0000)

Seville Seaside

Shore Classic (56033-0000)

Shore Classic

Solana Seagull (32008-0000)

Solana Seagull

Stanton Greystone (58002-0000)

Stanton Greystone

Token Surfside (58040-0000)

Token Surfside

Sunbrella® Group 3 Fabrics

10oz Fabric | %100 Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric | GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified | OEKO-TEK® Certified

Action Stone (44285-0002)

Action Stone

Bessemer 1000BA (7253-0000)

Bessemer 1000BA

Fischer Lagoon (45885-0000)

Fischer Lagoon

Fretwork Flax (45991-0001)

Fretwork Flax

Hybrid Smoke (42079-0000)

Hybrid Smoke

Luxe Indigo (45690-0000)

Luxe Indigo

Mainstreet Latte (42048-0000)

Mainstreet Latte

Sailcloth Sailor (32000-0026)

Sailcloth Sailor

Violetta Baltic (45790-0002)

Violetta Baltic

Before & After


  • Thank you CFR patio for all of the wonderful upholstery work you have done for The Monkey Tree Hotel. We are so pleased with how everything turned out!  All of you (Parker, Andrew, Colin) are great to work with. Excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, professional and excellent turn-around time!


  • Great job refinishing our worn Brown Jordan patio furniture and expertly crafting new cushions. Andrew is professional and attentive, very easy to work with. The job was done in a timely fashion and everything looks great. I highly recommend CFR patio.


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