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Custom Tailored Outdoor Cushions

We use the finest quality american made fabrics and cushion fillings. Cushions are made in our own work room and we can replicate most outdoor cushion designs. We extend a 3 year warranty on all our cushions.
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Sling Fabric Replacement

CFR Patio will sew a custom sling that fits perfectly for your chair or chaise lounge, We will remove the existing sling fabric then replace it with the new sling. All of our sling fabrics are %100 PVC & Carry a 3 year warranty.
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Vinyl Strapping Replacement

We offer strap replacement in 1-1/2″ and 2″ strap widths. We carry 50 different strap colors. Straps are 100% vinyl with UV inhibitors. 3 year limited warranty on straps (does not cover discoloration due to staining from oils and dirt baked on from the sun).
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Vinyl Lacing / Weaving Replacement

We offer weaving of 5/8″ wide vinyl lace in 19 colors. We take pride in weaving to the original patterens with all the proper knots and ties. 3 year limited warranty on lacing jobs (does not include discoloration from the sun & baked on dirt and oil).
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Powder Coat Refinishing

We offer an extensive array of powder coat finishes specially formulated with TGIC polyester and UV inhibitors for years of color fast good looking finishes. All Powder coating is applied over freshly sandblasted metal. Epoxy primer is applied first followed by the final powder coat to ensure a smooth long lasting durable finish. 3 year limited warranty on all powder coating (rust seepage on steel products are not covered in the 3 year warranty).
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