Professional Powder Coat Refinishing

We only the highest quality powder coatings that are specially formulated for outdoor use. Our attention to detail & surface preparation techniques ensure a quality finish that will last for decades. 3 Year Warranty.

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Why should you refinish your Patio Furniture?


Protect against the elements for decades

Powder coating your patio furniture will restore your furniture to it’s original glory. It’s important to make sure that the paint on your furniture is able to withstand the elements for many years to come protecting it from rust, rain, and the sun. A quality powder coating job will last you 20 years or more.


Environmentally Responsible

Powder coating does not use harmful chemical solvents that traditional paint does, Also any excess powder that does not adhere to the frame can be collected & recycled.


Custom Color Options

With choosing to sandblast & powder coat your furniture, you are also given the freedom to choose which color(s) you would like to paint your furniture. We offer a great selection of colors for your furniture to match any outdoor setting.


Powdercoating Before

Powder Coating after

powder coating

Our Colors