We Restore Walter Lamb Bronze Furniture

Frequently we are hired to replace the Rope on Walter Lamb Bronze, this is a fairly straight forward task but it is time consuming and the management of the extend proper length of rope and the tie offs have somewhat of a learning curve. After researching the best material to use and consulting some Industry old timers we found “Cotton Yacht Cording” used on Sailboat riggings to be the best choice the cotton cord has a nice hand and also has a minimum amount of stretch allowing us to apply it tightly to the frames without it becoming loose during use. The cotton will last for decades as the original designs also used cotton rope. The rope cording should not be stored in low light or high humidity as the cotton will mildew, extreme sun exposure will also dry out the cotton. We do not recommend Polyester rope as it will stretch and rot in the sun it also has a shiny slick hand.

A little information about Walter Lamb Bronze: Walter Lamb outdoor furniture for Brown Jordan is synonymous with California design. Originally conceived in the mid-1940s by using surplus bronze tubing from the U.S. Navy, Lamb’s classic outdoor designs have outstanding durability. Ideal for the North American landscape, the support material is made of cotton yacht cord that needs replacement about every 5-10 years, depending on its use. Upon release, the line was offered in several patinas – verdigris, brown bronze, or golden bronze – which over time take on an enhanced patina with weathering. Comprised of structural, bold lines made from industrial-strength materials, his chairs, ottomans, and tables remain as some of the most comfortable and iconic Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture.

Walter Lamb Bronze Lounge

Walter Lamb Bronze Dining Arm Chair