Brown Jordan Repair Specialists – Redo or buy new?

Is Brown Jordan quality furniture?

Many people have purchased Brown Jordan furniture over their long running legacy of providing the best products in their industry. The reputation of Brown Jordan has kept their customers coming back for decades to come, Many folks had bought their furniture from Brown Jordan over 10 years ago and is still in their outdoor areas. There is no question that Brown Jordan has undoubtedly been the one of the most consistent producer of quality goods in the outdoor furniture market.

Is it worth restoring?

Brown Jordan furniture is designed and manufactured to be restored, Their products use simplified designs that allows for an easy disassembly of the furniture. Brown Jordan does not use very many plastic parts or complicated mechanisms that will deteriorate over time. This is what defines their product as the best in the industry.

How long should my Brown Jordan last?

The structural integrity of aluminum and steel frames manufactured by Brown Jordan can last decades, The powder coat finishes they apply to their furniture can last 10 years or more. The first signs of deterioration typically happens between 6-8 years of being outside, the seating materials used such as sling fabric and vinyl straps will be the first to deteriorate. If your Brown Jordan furniture is older than 10 years, most likely you have seen this happen already.

Brown Jordan Restoration

What does it cost?

The cost to restore Brown Jordan furniture varies across the many companies who specialize in the service. However, the price to restore your Brown Jordan furniture should not exceed the price of buying new. Generally, It should be about half the cost of new.

What goes into the process?

When the furniture comes to our shop, We immediately tag customers furniture with their names and order numbers. When it’s time to work on an order, The first step of the process is the complete disassembly of the furniture. All sling material, vinyl straps, and other non-metal materials are removed from the frame. Secondly, We do several methods of surface preparation by Sandblasting the old finish off the frames and hand sanding to achieve a smooth surface to apply the new finish. The frames will be powder coated and sent into a curing oven for 30-45 minutes that will ensure a quality finish that lasts for years on end. After the parts are refinished, the furniture will be reassembled. Finally, vinyl straps or slings are installed onto the seating areas and feet glides are replaced. The end product should look like the day you bought the furniture and it should last you another 10 or more years.

How long should it take?

Our company typically has a 3-4 week turnaround time. Restoring outdoor furniture can be a lengthy process and unforeseen problems can arise. Seized bolts stuck in the frame of the furniture can suck up a lot of our time trying to get them out. Minor weld repairs, waiting for parts or materials can all impede lead times.


Brown Jordan has some of the most quality products in the industry and is not cheap to purchase new. Most of the furniture they make is designed to be restored. If there is a local company near you offering the service, We highly recommended to restore over buying new. You can save half the cost of buying new furniture and also choose your own colors and fabrics that will give a brand new feel to your furniture. Hundreds of thousands of quality outdoor furniture is thrown away every year. This is the shameful reality of our modern “throw away” society. Restoring your quality outdoor furniture is not only the responsible choice, but a smart one indeed.