How to Order Replacement Patio Cushions? A Guide How to Save Yourself Time and Money.

Is your patio furniture still in great condition other than the cushions being worn?

Are you looking for replacement cushions but the store you bought it from doesn’t sell replacements?


This article will serve as a guide to help you make a smart buying decision in ordering cushions online or locally. There are many factors that go into price and time involved in the process.

There are a few routes when ordering replacement patio cushions.


If you are lucky to have bought your patio furniture from a store that maintains manufacturer partnership that supports replacement items for their products, you can normally order the cushions from the store.


  • You will most likely receive a product that is perfectly designed for the actual furniture you have, that is IF the store orders replacement cushions from the manufacturer of the furniture.
  • Cost MAY be lower than ordering from custom upholsterers as some manufacturers may have the item already being manufactured on a production line.


  • Stores mark-up replacement cushions as much as they want, Meaning the option may NOT be cheaper than ordering from online or custom upholsterer. They can also order their replacement cushions directly from a local custom upholsterer effectively “middle-manning” the project and will charge you much more than what you would pay dealing directly with the custom upholsterer.
  • If the manufacturer must make them to order, the replacement cushions can take anywhere from 5-8 weeks for you to receive them.
  • Many times furniture lines are discontinued and replacement products are no longer supported.


In our experience, Ordering cushions from a custom upholsterer is the best route as long as the business you hire knows which materials are appropriate for outdoor use and is willing to make changes in the event that the cushion doesn’t fit properly.


  • Direct to consumer pricing, many local upholsterers can offer a great price in comparison to ordering from a store who will mark up the price.
  • If you are dealing with a reputable business, they should be able to make changes to the cushions if there is a problem with the fit of the cushions or are not the right size if they are at fault.
  • Quicker production times as they are manufacturing the cushions in house, typically 2-3 weeks quicker than ordering from a store who must wait for the manufacturer to deliver them.
  • Save on transportation / shipping costs if they are local and you can pick up the cushions from their workshop.


  • If you are not hiring an outdoor cushion specialist, the upholsterer might provide you a product that is not constructed for outdoor use. From thread to the cushion filling, they must be using the proper materials or else you risk receiving an inferior product that will not last in the outdoor elements for years to come.
  • If you do not hire a company that has a reputation to maintain, you can run the risk that they will cut corners on the job like using old fillings around their workshop. You might also encounter a business that is un-willing to make necessary changes to the cushions if you are not satisfied.


In the modern age, there are a few businesses that have created online platforms for consumers to order their “custom” cushions online. They have built web applications that allow you to fill in the dimensions needed and the application will give you a price and checkout option for the job.


  • If your cushions are simple in construction, this may be the quickest way to order your replacement cushions.
  • Often, online cushion companies have a system of sending fabric samples to you before you order, Be confident in your fabric choice.


  • Limited customization options: Special curves, Cut-aways, obscure shapes, and special sewing options may not be available through quick checkout options.
  • Lengthy and cumbersome return processes. Most online cushion companies will not accept any returns due to the “custom” nature of your product.
  • Lead times are often 5-6 weeks to receive the cushions.
  • Very expensive shipping costs through conventional providers like UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex. While not very heavy, Cushions can be quite bulky to ship and will run up your costs for shipping very quickly.

Final Analysis:

While these three options all have their pros and cons – We would certainly recommend obtaining multiple quotes from any companies that show interest in your job. The cheapest option is also not always the best option, ask every company about the materials they use and their experience with custom outdoor cushion upholstery.

Some companies are better than others in terms of their reputations, company policies, materials used in standard production, level of craftsmanship, and quality control. Custom cushion upholstery is certainly a tricky business and there are many factors and variables involved in completing any one job.

Our best recommendation would be to find a company with a live representative that you can trust and seems to be knowledgeable about the product they are selling. Be sure to look at the companies reviews and modification, returns, and warranty policies.

This article was not created to be an advertisement, CFR Patio is a local source in Southern California for custom outdoor cushions made-to-order. We believe that we fit all the needs for local customers due to our level of service and guaranteed quality workmanship. We do not offer quick online ordering because we know that this can cause many issues / returns in the long run. A certain level of cooperation between the representative and customer will ensure that the project goes exactly as planned.