Knoll Richard Schultz 1966 Restoration, Re-do or buy new?

What is Richard Schultz 1966 Furniture?

Richard Schultz outdoor furniture is an important stepping stone to the proliferation of modern design that was happening during the mid-century era. Those who own Richard Schultz furniture understand and appreciate the history behind these pieces and what they mean to the history of modern design. Richard Schultz 1966 outdoor furniture is quite simply a modernist classic.

Is Richard Schultz 1966 Durable?

Those who own Richard Schultz furniture also know the cost to acquire this prestigious collection of furniture is certainly not inexpensive. While the furniture itself was designed to withstand the elements, everything in time will eventually succumb to the outdoors. Customers typically start seeing their pieces deteriorating in a multitude of ways after 10 years from when it was new, but this can vary on the environment the furniture resides.

Does CFR Patio Restore Richard Schultz 1966 Collection?

CFR Patio is pleased to announce that we are now offering partial and full restoration services for this collection of furniture. It is considerably less than the cost of purchasing new. We look forward to offering restoration solutions to owners of this furniture when the time comes.

How difficult is it to restore Richard Schultz 1966?

Richard Schultz 1966 furniture is certainly more complicated than other outdoor furniture designs and this really becomes apparent when undergoing the restoration process. The manufacturer of this furniture, Knoll made slight changes to the design over the years, and this can prove challenging to restoring the furniture as you never know what you may run into during the process. We highly recommend that this job is left to professional such as CFR Patio.

What kind of equipment is required?

CFR Patio has all the necessary equipment and experience appropriate for the job this includes a sandblasting booth for removing the old finish, powder coating booth for applying the new finish, batch curing oven for curing the new finish, special industrial sewing machines to manufacture replacement slings and a hydraulic jack to install the new sling and finally, the qualified technicians to do the work!

Explaining the process

1. Preparation

When a client’s Richard Schultz furniture arrives at our workshop, we first inspect the furniture for obvious structural damages that we may want to suggest to our client to have fixed while at our shop to extend the life of the furniture further as well as for safety concerns for users of the furniture. This may include broken weldments or hairline cracks in the metal that can continue to grow over time.

After the inspection process, we remove the old “Sling” seating material to expose the inner railings of what the sling is attached to and tensioned with in preparation for stripping the old paint finish. Many times, these rails are bent and may need to be straightened to ensure a proper fit of the new material.

2. Removing existing finish

The furniture frame is sandblasted to remove all original paint from the frames of the furniture. This step of the process is important to ensure a long-lasting new powder coat finish that will ensure proper curing and help the new powder coating adhere to the frames prior to curing. Additionally, when the furniture is sandblasted and the metal is now exposed, It is possible we may discover other parts of the furniture that need structural repair. A second inspection is done at this point prior to powder coating.

If the furniture piece passes the second inspection, The sandblasted bare metal furniture frames are hand sanded and blown with an air hose to ensure the frames are free from contaminants prior to applying the new finish.

3. Applying the new finish

Furniture frames are hung on our conveyor line, pre-baked in our batch oven to prevent any out-gassing of the metal during the final curing process. The chairs are now ready to apply the powder coat finish. Charged with static electricity for the powder coating to adhere well to the frames, they then get coated in a durable outdoor specified powder finish that cures and sticks to the frame at 400+ Degrees for around 40 minutes.

4. Making the new sling

CFR Patio’s upholstery department is then notified of the quantity of each model chair we are working on and begin to create new “slings” for the furniture. While these slings are made a bit different from other patio chairs, they are also similar in many ways. CFR Patio has been able to source the materials to make these slings in the same materials offered by Knoll. We also have another fabric option in the same weave style but in a “putty” color. Vinyl sidings sewn onto the sling are made from UV resistant vinyl. We offer original textured bronze, textured white, and a multitude of other color options if you are not looking to match original design to make these pieces unique to your liking.

5. Reassembly / Sling Installation

Any additional parts that are powder coated separately are reassembled to the frame, The newly manufactured slings are installed using tools appropriate for the job. Our in-house sling technician ensures that the sling fits properly and the right tension is achieved and that the sling is made properly for the specific model chair he is working with. Smaller plastic parts on some of the furniture are replaced with new ones.

6. Completion

The furniture is inspected by our production manager for quality control ensuring that any crucial steps were not overlooked, and the final result is up to standard with company standards.


Our materials and product process for restoring your Richard Schultz furniture will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your highly prized furniture for many years to come. We are always excited to preserve furniture for functional use and aesthetic beauty, especially when the furniture we are working with has the kind of accolades in modern design as Richard Schultz 1966.

How can I have CFR Patio work on my Richard Schultz?

CFR Patio has restoration experts ready to provide you with a quote for the work, we also provide local pickup and delivery services to make transportation easy. As every job is unique, Quotes are customized to your job. You may use our website to inquire by clicking “Request a Quote”. Feel free to give us a call during operating hours if you have any additional questions about our service. We look forward to hearing from you!